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Travel & Directions

Conference and Workshop Location

The XLDB Conference (Oct 6-7) will be held at SLAC in Kavli Auditorium (building 51).

The XLDB invitational workshop will be held at SLAC in Research Office Building (ROB) (building 48), conference rooms A, B, C and D

To enter SLAC, you will need to show a valid picture ID, such as passport or driver's license.

Local Airports
Local Maps

A series of maps covering the surrounding areas.

Ground Transportation

From San Francisco Airport:

From San Jose Airport:

Car Rental:

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is located on campus and offers a free pick-up service from the Stanford Guest House lobby. Guests can take advantage of discounted rates by mentioning the Stanford Guest House.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car
360 Oak Road, Stanford, CA 94305, (650) 833-8060

Stanford Transportation

Free Marguerite Shuttle

Stanford's Marguerite Shuttle is a free shuttle around Stanford.

The service runs Line S from the Palo Alto train station to SLAC for commuters, see S schedule.

In addition, the SLAC line runs much more frequently, but only from The Oval on campus (about a mile down Palm Drive), see SLAC schedule.

There are additional shuttles (e.g. B line counter-clockwise) that connect with the SLAC line, but the transfers are generally not well-timed, see B line counter-clockwise.

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