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We are looking for sponsors!


Silver sponsors (investment: $3,000)
Silver sponsors will receive recognition on the XLDB2012 website, throughout the conference and workshop, and in the XLDB2012 workshop report that will be published shortly after the event. As a silver sponsor, your organization will also receive one free conference pass.

Gold sponsors (investment: $6,000)
Gold sponsors will receive all the benefits of Silver sponsorship PLUS poster space. As a gold sponsor, your organization will receive one free invitation to the XLDB2012 workshop, and two free conference passes.

Platinum sponsors (investment: $10,000. Only two slots available.)
Platinum sponsors will receive all the benefits of Gold sponsorship PLUS 10 min plenary presentation opportunity during the conference (we reserve the right to approve the slides to minimize "sales talk".) As a platinum sponsor, your organization will receive one free invitation to the workshop, and four free conference passes.


type investment 10 min plenary talk free workshop invitations free conference passes poster space recognition
platinum $10,000 yes 1 4 yes yes
gold $6,000   1 2 yes yes
silver $3,000     1   yes

About the audience

Attendees of the XLDB events include representatives from:

  • Data-intensive scientific projects from a broad range of science domains such as astronomy, high energy physics, geoscience, bioinformatics, oil and gas research
  • Data-intensive industrial users such as web companies, social networking, finance / Wall Street, genomics, drug discovery, health care, oild and gas
  • Leading database researchers
  • Major database vendors
(see e.g. XLDB-2011 conference participant list)

Attendance at the past two XLDB conferences was completely sold out: 150 attendees in 2010, 280 in 2011. This year, we will be holding the event on Stanford Campus, and our auditorium will be able to seat 600 attendees.

How the funds will be spent

Funds from sponsors will be used primarily to cover the cost of catering and social events, including reception, dinner, coffee breaks and an ice cream social (possibly lunches depending how much funds we will have). If you are interested in sponsoring a particular item (for example dinner, or ice cream social, or lunches), just let us know.

How to become a sponsor

Contact us using the email or the form provided on the Contact Us page.

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