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Director of Genomics, Evolution, and Development Lab at Michigan State University

Trained by physicists, with a BA in pure math, a PhD in molecular developmental biology, and lots of open source code to my name, I am currently a biologist trapped in a computer science department. I work at the intersection of big sequence data, novel computer science data structures and algorithms, and biological hypothesis generation & validation.

U.C. Santa Cruz

Mr. Ted Goldstein is a Biomolecular Engineering / Bioinformatics Ph.D. candidate at the University of California at Santa Cruz working on a theory of the molecular processes of cancer. Mr. Goldstein is an entrepreneur, a former Vice President of Developer Tools at Apple Computer and is transitioning into a full time biotech scientist. He is a member of the Haussler and Stuart Labs, and several NIH TCGA Data Analysis teams and Stand Up to Cancer (SU2C) Dream teams. He has created an analysis technique called Differential Pathway Signatures of Cancer (DiPSC) that compares cancer genomic phenotypes.At Apple, Mr. Goldstein’s team created the Mac OS X and iOS runtime systems and the Xcode developer tools for Apple’s Intel, iPhone and iPad products as well as WebObjects which run iTunes and Apple's retail web systems. Prior to Apple, Mr. Goldstein led the electronic commerce and smart card efforts at Sun Microsystems and JavaSoft where he created Java Card, the smartcard platform used for US Federal Identification and includes select medical information for the armed forces. As an innovator in electronic commerce, programming environments, and smart card technologies, Mr. Goldstein has received ten patents related to C++, Java, and E-commerce.

Executive Vice President and co-founder at GNS Healthcare

Iya Khalil oversees the application of the company’s simulation technology to critical challenges in the healthcare industry.

A frequent speaker at industry events and conferences, she has extensive experience in reverse engineering and forward simulations of large-scale genetic and biochemical networks. Iya is an inventor on a number of pending patents and has published multiple articles on in silico technologies applied to drug discovery and development. Prior to joining GNS Healthcare, she worked at Cornell University, University of Washington, and Abbott Labs. Iya holds a B.S. in physics from the University of Washington and a Ph.D. in physics from Cornell University.

Director of Informatics at the Institute for Genomics and Systems Biology

Robert Grossman is a faculty member at the University of Chicago. He is the Director of Informatics at the Institute for Genomics and Systems Biology, a Senior Fellow at the Computation Institute, and a Professor of Medicine in the Section of Genetic Medicine. His research group focuses on big data and related areas, including bioinformatics, predictive modeling, and cloud computing. He is the Founder and a Partner of Open Data Group, which specializes in building predictive models over big data. He is also the Director of the not-for-profit Open Cloud Consortium, which provides cloud computing infrastructure to support researchers. More information about him can be found at his web site rgrossman.com.

Co-founder & CEO of Piston Cloud

Prior to co-founding Piston Cloud Computing, Joshua McKenty was the Technical Architect of NASA's Nebula Cloud Computing Platform and the OpenStack compute components. As a member of OpenStack's Project Policy Board, Joshua plays an instrumental role in the OpenStack community. Joshua has over two decades of experience in entrepreneurship, management and software engineering and architecture. He was the team lead for the development of the Netscape Browser (vs. 8) as well as AOL's IE AIM toolbar, and a senior engineer at Flock.com. He also led the successful first release of OpenQuake, an open source software application allowing users to compute seismic hazard, seismic risk and the socio-economic impact of earthquakes. In his spare time, Joshua has crafted a handmade violin and banjo, fathered two children, and invented his own juggling trick, the McKenty Madness.


Ryan is a Developer Advocate at Google, focused on cloud data services. He's been at Google for 5 years and previously helped build out the Google Apps ISV ecosystem. He recently published his first book Getting Started with OAuth 2.0 with O'Reilly.

Director - Data Warehousing / Analytics at Comcast

Tom is responsible for demand forecasting, data mining, design simulations, and executive support for Broadband and Video on Demand for Comcast Cable. Specific activities include forecasting future bandwidth demand, identifying cost sensitivities, defining engineering design guidelines, developing long term cost implications from insights into customer behavior. Tom is also charged with building and maintaining a data warehouse of broadband and video telemetry used to support data mining, dashboard reporting, forecasting / budget planning, and executive / strategic requests.

Prior to Comcast, Tom led a research & development joint venture for Comcast, established a Video on Demand advertising platform for a major content provider, engineered an internet e-commerce site from concept to
$80 million in annual sales, led a direct marketing team with 5 million direct mail contacts a year, and build a sales analytics function for a
100,000 order / day retail business.

Tom has authored numerous patents in video / cdn network management, broadband network management, data privacy, web navigation, TV advertising, e-commerce, and television audience measurement.

Tom has a Computer Science degree from Syracuse University.

CIO at Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

Clark Gaylord is the Chief Information Officer of the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI), Virginia Techʼs largest university research center, where he leads a team of developers, system administrators, database administrators, and IT support staff. Clark is a contributing architect of Virginia Techʼs Scientific Data Warehouse, and VTTIʼs data repository features petascale cluster file systems, parallel relational databases, and high-performance computational clusters. Clark has been at Virginia Tech over twenty years, as a graduate student and researcher in statistics and network engineer.

Prior to joining VTTI, Clark was the IT operations lead for the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute.

CMS Deputy Computing Coordinator, CERN

Since getting his PhD developing GaAs detectors for the ATLAS detector of the LHC Stephen has been working on computing aspects of this "Big Science". He began working in the same department as Peter Higgs before working for both Berkeley and Stanford. There he worked on the BaBar experiment, which included completely revising its Computing Model from a object database approach. He is now working for CERN on the other general purpose experiment on the LHC: CMS.

Senior Architect at LLNL

CTO, DVP Information, Analytics, & Innovation at Sears Holdings Corporation

Michael McIntire has been working in the Complex Data Analytics industry for 25 years, and is currently the CTO for Analytics at Sears Holdings Corporation. In the Previous 10 years, he was the Chief Architect for User Data at Yahoo Inc, and the Chief Architect for Data Warehousing at eBay Inc. He has designed and implemented many of the worlds largest Enterprise Data Warehousing platforms, including novel backup and archive software and platforms, large system synchronization systems, and multi-active environments.


Dhruba Borthakur is an engineer in the Database Engineering Team at Facebook. He has been one of the lead contributors for the Apache Hadoop Distributed File System. He has been associated with Hadoop since its inception while working for Yahoo. He is instrumental in scaling Facebook's Hadoop cluster to multiples of petabytes. Dhruba also is a contributor to the open source Apache HBase project. Dhruba's current focus is to evaluate alternative database technologies that can provide better efficiency than MySQL on Solid State Devices.

Earlier, he was a Senior Lead Engineer at Veritas Software (since acquired by Symantec) and was responsible for the development of the Veritas SanPointDirect Storage System. Prior to Veritas, he was the Chief Architect at Oreceipt.com, an e-commerce startup based in Sunnyvale. Before that, he was a Senior Engineer at IBM-Transarc Labs where he contributed to the development of Andrew File System (AFS), a part of IBM's e-commerce initiative, WebSphere. Dhruba has an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and a B.S. in Computer Science BITS, Pilani, India. He has 20 issued patents. He is the co-author of multiple academic papers in respected conferences like SIGMOD, NSDI and EuroSys. He hosts a Hadoop blog at http://hadoopblog.blogspot.com/

General Manager, Platform and Analytics at Zynga

Dan oversees the development and innovation of the Platform and Analytics Engineering group at Zynga. Before joining Zynga, Dan started his career doing molecular biology and immunology laboratory research at institutions like UCSF and Genentech for 8 years. He then moved into software engineering for bioinformatics systems at Incyte Pharmaceuticals and Genentech for the next 7 years. Dan later co-founded a business intelligence software and consulting company called Breadboard BI for the next 3 years before he came to Zynga. He received a B.A. in Biochemistry from Vassar college, and a Masters In Computer Information Systems form Golden Gate University.

VP of Technology Solutions at Cloudera

Omer Trajman is Vice President of Technology Solutions at Cloudera. Focused on Cloudera's technology strategy and communication, Omer works with customers and partners to identify where Big Data technology solutions can address business needs. Prior to this role, Omer served as Vice President of Customer Solutions, which included Cloudera University, Cloudera's Architectural Services and Cloudera's Partner Engineering team. As the authority in Apache Hadoop related training and certification, pioneer of the Zero to Hadoop deployment process and leader in Hadoop ecosystem integrations, Customer Solutions ensured the successful launch of some of the largest and most complex Hadoop deployments across industries.

Prior to Joining Cloudera, Omer was responsible for the Cloud Computing, Hadoop and Virtualization initiatives at Vertica. He also built and managed Vertica's Field Engineering team, ensuring success from pre-sales to production for Vertica's largest customers. Omer received his Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Tufts University and was a visiting scholar at Oxford University reading in Computation and Electrical Engineering with a focus on large scale distributed systems.


Samsung Semiconductor Inc.

Kenny is Senior Director of Memory Product Planning for Samsung Semiconductor Inc. In this capacity, he is responsible for enabling the ongoing offering of leading-edge memory products, as well as the provisioning of sensing technology for future memory development.

Previously, Kenny worked on the DRAM design team for 15 years, contributing to several major projects including VRAM, WRAM, RDRAM, and DDR2 DRAM. He joined Samsung Electronics in 1990.

Kenny holds a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering from Sung-Kyun-Kwan University in Korea and an MBA from SUNY at Stony Brook in the U.S.


Andrew has been a developer with Vertica (now an HP Company) for more than 5 years, focused on its distributed query optimizer.  His full bio can be found on his LinkedIn profile.

Professor at MIT

Dr. Stonebraker has been a pioneer of data base research and technology for more than a quarter of a century. He was the main architect of the INGRES relational DBMS, and the object-relational DBMS, POSTGRES. These prototypes were developed at the University of California at Berkeley where Stonebraker was a Professor of Computer Science for twenty five years. More recently at M.I.T. he was a co-architect of the Aurora/Borealis stream processing engine, the C-Store column-oriented DBMS, and the H-Store transaction processing engine. Currently, he is working on science-oriented DBMSs, OLTP DBMSs, and scalable data curation. He is the founder of five venture-capital backed startups, which commercialized his prototypes. Presently he serves as Chief Technology Officer of VoltDB and Paradigm4, Inc.

Professor Stonebraker is the author of scores of research papers on data base technology, operating systems and the architecture of system software services. He was awarded the ACM System Software Award in 1992, for his work on INGRES. Additionally, he was awarded the first annual Innovation award by the ACM SIGMOD special interest group in 1994, and was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 1997. He was awarded the IEEE John Von Neumann award in 2005, and is presently an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at M.I.T, where he is co-director of the new Intel Science and Technology Center focused on big data.

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