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Paper Submission

Please be sure you have completed all of the items in the checklist below, otherwise we will not be able to properly process your paper.

The final deadline for full-text submission of accepted papers has been extended through the end of the conference, November 30, 2001

Note: We have experienced some problems with papers created with MS Word, therefore, if you are using MS Word, you will need to submit your source file to the Editorial Team. Please include your PSN in the name of your file. See Send ePrint Number to Editorial Team below.

Authors must submit their papers to the arXiv ePrint server (commonly referred to as LANL). Instructions for arXiv ePrint submission  are included below.


Download either the LaTeX or the Microsoft Word template. (See Templates below.) 
Add your text and figures to the template. (See Requirements below.) 
Does your paper meet the required length?
Have you used the proper layout?
Have you used the correct fonts?
Have you added your Paper Status Number (PSN) to your paper?
Have you formatted the title of your paper, author list and affiliation correctly?
Do your graphics meet the requirements?
Submit your paper to the arXiv ePrint server. (See arXiv ePrint Submission Instructions below.)
Did you include the conference name and your PSN in the comments field?
Have you cross listed your paper? If you post your paper to an archive other than physics-accelerator or physics-instrumentation/detectors then you should cross list your paper.
Provide your ePrint number (and Word source document) to the editorial team. (See Send ePrint Number to Editorial Team below.)

Help with Submission

If you need help with your conference paper, please contact a member of the proceedings editorial team below:

Proceedings Editor: Hamid Shoaee

Proceedings Editorial Team:

bulletSharon West, (650) 926-2594, west@slac.stanford.edu
bulletRoxanne Jones, (650) 926-4128, contaoi@slac.stanford.edu



MS Word


NT & Mac

These templates were modified from the Joint Accelerator Conference Website for Particle Accelerator Conferences to make the proceedings publication consistent and timely. International and US authors can now use one template that can be rendered on A4 and US paper sizes alike.

bulletPlease do not alter the templates in any way.
bulletPlease do not add a style file or extra macros to the LaTeX template.
bulletPlease do not add or delete anything from the styles menu in the Word template. 



Length of Contributions

Because the proceedings will also be published in paper form, it is important to adhere to the following length limitations:

bullet Papers and posters: 3 pages
bullet Invited talks: 5 pages

General Layout

Manuscripts should be prepared for one side of the paper and have:

bulletGeneric dual-mode printing capability (templates provided) for US and international printing and viewing, (21.0 cm 27.9 cm) allowing printing to A4 and US printer paper from one file with satisfactory results. 
bulletSingle spaced text in two columns of 82.5 mm (3 in.) with 5.3 mm (0.2 in.) separation.
bulletThe paper's title should be the width of the full page and tables and figures may span a column, or the whole 170 mm page width. 

The margins should be as follows:

A4 Paper
US Letter Paper
Left 20 mm 20 mm 20 mm (0.79 in)
Right 20 mm 20 mm 26 mm (1.0 in)
Top 34 mm 37 mm 19 mm (0.75 in)
Bottom 19 mm 19 mm 19 mm (0.75 in)


To produce Adobe Acrobat PDF files that have good performance, use only Times (in roman, bold or italic), symbol, and Zapf Dingbats fonts.

All contributions should use 10 pt fonts for the normal text.

Paper Status Numbers

The paper status number (PSN) is used to define where your paper is placed in the program,  as well as for tracking purposes. It is assigned to each conference paper according to the program summary. The templates have a place in the header for your PSN. 

You can also locate your PSN on the All-Author Index to Abstracts (accessible from the Program Summary page). The PSN is the series of numbers that follows the author's names.

Once you have submitted your paper you can track its progress using the Paper Status page.


The title should use 14 pt bold uppercase letters and be centered on the page. 

Author List and Affiliations

The names of the authors and their organization or affiliation and mailing address should be listed in 12 pt upper and lower case letters, grouped by affiliation.


bulletDo not use pale yellow, as it will not print in the hardcopy version. 
bulletDo not reference color when describing data in a graphic as final proceedings are generally printed in black and white. 

arXiv ePrint Submission Instructions

All papers for the proceedings of this conference must be submitted to the arXiv ePrint archive http://arXiv.org at Los Alamos National Laboratory. We strongly suggest submitting to the  physics-accelerators or physics-instrumentation/detectors categories. If you feel your paper would be of interest to readers of other archive categories, see "Cross Listing Your Paper".  For first time users, a  detailed instruction page is provided. More general submission help can be found at the arXiv ePrint site. The web upload is particularly easy to use, from a PC, Mac, or UNIX machine. You will receive confirmation e-mail upon every step of the process, if you don't, it means you still have more to do. The ultimate goal is to see the full text of your paper on the arXiv.org server with an ePrint number in the form "arch-ive/yymmnnn."

Submitting to the ePrint Server

When submitting your paper to the arXiv ePrint server, be sure to include the conference information in the comments field, including your PSN. For example Jane Q. Physicist and her colleague's submission would look like this:

Authors: Jane Q. Physicist and J.R.B. Goode.
Comments: Invited talk at Conference on Interesting Hadron Physics, Godthaab, Greenland, July 2000, (MO12) 5 pages, LaTeX, 3 eps figures. Higher res figs at http://www.home.edu/~goode/CIHP/

Cross Listing Your Paper

You may feel that your paper is of direct interest to the readers of an archive other than physics- accelerators, or physics-instrumentation/ detectors.  In that case,  you should  crosslist  your paper to phys.acc or phys.instrumentation archives so that your paper appears in the regular listing (accelerators or instrumentation and detectors), in the crosslist section.  For example, if you post your paper to cs.DB (Computer Science Databases) then you would want to cross reference your paper to physics-instrumentation/detectors.

Additional Information About the arXiv ePrint Server

Document Format

The ePrint archive accepts a wide variety of formats, including PDF, which is handy for people using Word. The ePrint archive will reject PS or PDF files created using TeX/LaTeX in favor of the source files. 

File Size

The arXiv ePrint server rejects files over 650k. This problem generally occurs if the paper contains a lot of large figures. Usually large figures are a result of converting jpegs to PS files. The arXiv ePrint server provides help on how to do this more efficiently. Another way to avoid this problem is to submit smaller graphics, with lower resolution and then provide a link to your Web page in the Comments section pointing users to better quality pictures. (See the example above.)


Send ePrint Number to Editorial Team

Once you have successfully submitted your paper to the ePrint archive, provide the editorial team with the following information:

Author Name: 

Is this a revised paper?  No Yes
(If you submit a revised paper to the arXiv ePrint server, you will need to resubmit this form to the editorial team)

Title of Paper:


ePrint Number:

Note: If you used Word to create your paper, please FTP your file to the editorial team, be sure to include your PSN in the name of your file: 


Changing paper titles and author lists from those submitted with your abstract  is strongly discouraged. If this change is critical,  please help us update our records by entering your changes into the fields below:

New Paper Title:  

New Author List:

List authors below. Please note the format for entering the author list. Example:

L.J. Rybarcyk, J.D. Schneider, H.V. Smith, L.M. Young (LANL), M.E. Schulze (GA)

bulletAuthor names in the format 'first name last name' or 'first initials 
last name.'
bulletInitials are followed by a period.
bulletAuthors separated by a comma. 
bulletInstitutions in parenthesis. 

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