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30th Advanced ICFA Beam Dynamics Workshop on High Luminosity e+e- Collisions

October 13-16, 2003
Stanford, California

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Author Instructions


Copy of the Author's Cheat Sheet


Paper Submission Deadline: January 5, 2004

The proceedings will be published using a Word or LaTeX template. If you are unable to meet the submission deadline, then please contact the proceedings editorial team. Please note that after you submit your paper, you MUST fill out the notification form below to notify the editorial team in order for us to retrieve your paper and include it in the proceedings.

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check mark Download the Word template or the LaTeX template.
check mark Is your paper written on behalf of a collaboration or as work supported by your institution? Remember to follow the instructions for your collaboration's or institution's publication policy.
check mark Does your paper have an author from SLAC? Are you writing for a collaboration based at SLAC?  Remember to get a pub number.
check mark Notify the editorial team of your final submission. (See Notify the Editorial Team of Your Final Submission below.)

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Reminder for All Collaboration and Institution Authors

Please follow your collaboration's and home institution's publication policy. Since conference papers are an important method for communicating with colleagues, we will be happy to indicate on the paper any additional publication numbers, collaboration numbers, or any other formal publication number. Simply include it after your title in the notification form below.


Reminder of SLAC Publication Policy for Papers that Include SLAC Authors or Are Written on Behalf of SLAC Collaborations

TechPubs would like to remind you of the SLAC publication policy:

1 Register your document at the idoc online registration system
2 Submit your paper: For this conference, indicate in the notification form that it is a SLAC PUB and give us the PUB number you received from idoc -- we'll do the rest!

Also, be sure to drop by our office (Bldg 40, Room Y205) so we can add SLAC's copyright stipulation to your copyright transfer agreement forms if needed.  For more information please call Crystal Tilghman (ext 2677), Yasuko Weyhrauch (ext 2317), Rebecca Reitmeyer (ext 2263) or Sharon West (ext 2594), or send email to posting@slac.stanford.edu.

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All articles submitted for the proceedings must be delivered using the templates provided below.


Right-click (PC) or click and hold down (Mac) the preferred link to save files to your hard drive.

Word Template LaTeX Template (zip file)

This zip file contains the following files:

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Page Limit: 10 pages

The page limit for all papers is 10 pages.

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Submit Your Paper for the Proceedings

You have the following four options for submitting your source and PDF files (all links open in a new window):

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Notify the Editorial Team of Your Submission

All fields are required.
Author names
Author/contact e-mail address
Title of paper
(Paper sequence number. This is available on the program, under the title of your talk)
SLAC Publication Number
This paper does not have anyone from SLAC listed as a co-author, nor is this paper written on behalf of a collaboration based at SLAC.
This paper does have a SLAC co-author, or is written on behalf of a collaboration based at SLAC. I have gotten a SLAC document number through idoc and it is given below.
Submission Method
FTP Server
arXiv. My ePrint number is:
(Example: physics/xxxxxxx or cs.DC/xxxxxxx)
Posted. The URL is:
SLAC Pub. My SLAC publication number is:

(Example: SLAC-PUB-11015

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If you need more information about paper submission, please contact the editorial team.

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Regina Matter
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
2575 Sand Hill Road, Mail Stop 17, Menlo Park, California, 94025  USA
Telephone: (650) 926-3783, Fax: (650) 926-3570, E-mail: regina@slac.stanford.edu

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