Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

ICFA Seminar Agenda

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October 28
Start Duration Speaker Title
Session1 - Overview
Chair: Natalie Roe (LBNL)
8:20 AM 5 mins Persis Drell (SLAC) Welcome
8:25 AM 5 mins Albrecht Wagner (ICFA) Introductory remarks by ICFA
8:30 AM 40 mins Hitoshi Murayama (IPMU Tokyo & UC Berkeley) Physics highlights & perspectives
9:10 AM 25 mins Karlheinz Meier (Heidelberg) European regional report: status, developments and plans
9:35 AM 25 mins Mitsuaki Nozaki (KEK) Asian regional report: status, developments and plans
10:00 AM 25 mins Mel Shochet (Chicago) North American regional report: status, developments and plans
10:30 AM 30 mins   Break
Session 2 - LHC
Chair: Robert Aymar (CERN)
11:00 AM 30 mins Lyn Evans (CERN) LHC commissioning & status
11:30 AM 30 mins Karl Jakobs (Freiburg) ATLAS status & early physics prospects
12:00 PM 30 mins Jordan Nash (IC London) CMS status & early physics prospects
12:30 PM 15 mins Ulrik Egede (IC London) LHCb status & early physics prospects
12:45 PM 15 mins Jean-Pierre Revol (CERN) ALICE status & early physics prospects
12:55 PM 65 mins   Lunch
Session 3 - Neutrino Physics
Chair: Eugenio Coccia (Gran Sasso)
14:00 PM 25 mins Andre de Gouvea (Northwestern) Overview of neutrino physics issues and opportunities
14:25 PM 25 mins Giorgio Gratta (Stanford) Existing and future neutrinoless double-beta decay experiments
14:50 PM 25 mins Yifang Wang (IHEP Beijing) Existing and future reactor oscillation experiments
15:15 PM 30 mins Mark Messier (Indiana) Existing and future long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiments
15:45 PM 25 mins Ed Kearns (Boston) Future neutrino projects beyond theta_13
16:10 PM 20 mins   Break
Session 4 - Collaboration issues in HEP
16:30 PM 45 mins Moderator: Vera Luth Round Table: Assessment of achievement by scientists in large collaborations
      Publications and authorship in large HEP collaborations, Vera Luth (SLAC)
      Assessment of individual achievements in large HEP collaborations, Patricia McBride (Fermilab)
      Assessment of individual achievements in large astrophysics collaborations, Eduardo do Couto e Silva (SLAC)
      Comments from young scientists: Yury Kolemensky (LBNL), Tim Gershon (Warwick), Gabriele Simi (Maryland)
17:15 PM 45 mins Moderator: Jonathan Dorfan Round Table: Relaxing the proprietary ownership protocols for HEP data
      Towards the legacy of HERA: combining H1 and ZEUS data, Tobias Haas (DESY)
      Preserving and expanding access to legacy HEP data sets, Gregory Dubois-Felsmann (SLAC)

October 29
Start Duration Speaker Title
Session1 - Intensity-Frontier Facilities I
Chair: Masa Yamauchi (KEK)
8:30 AM 40 mins Luca Silvestrini (Rome) Flavor physics opportunities at the intensity frontier
9:10 AM 20 mins Marica Biagini (Frascati) European SuperB status and prospects
9:30 AM 20 mins Toru Iijima (Nagoya) SuperKEKB status and prospects
9:50 AM 20 mins Chen Hesheng (IHEP Beijing) BEPC II status and prospects
10:10 AM 20 mins Sasha Skrinsky (BINP) Plans for a tau/charm factory at BINP
10:30 AM 30 mins   Break
Session 2 - Intensity-Frontier Facilities II
Chair: Sergio Bertolucci (Frascati)
11:00 AM 30 mins Mark Chen (Queens) Underground lab planning and development
11:30 AM 20 mins Kevin Lesko (LBNL) Planning for DUSEL
11:50 PM 25 mins Shoji Nagamiya (J-PARC) JPARC status and plans
12:15 PM 25 mins Giorgio Apollinari (FNAL) Concept and R&D plans for ProjectX
12:40 PM 60 mins   Lunch
Session 3 - Hadron Colliders
Chair: Pier Oddone (Fermilab)
13:40 PM 20 mins Roger Dixon (FNAL) Tevatron status and recent improvements
14:10 PM 20 mins Paul Grannis (SUNY Stony Brook) Tevatron physics prospects
14:30 PM 25 mins Lyn Evans (CERN) LHC accelerator upgrade plans
14:55 PM 20 mins Gian Luca Sabbi (LBNL) R&D for high field magnets
15:15 PM 20 mins Max Klein (Liverpool) Concept for an e-p/A upgrade to the LHC
15:25 PM 20 mins Steinar Stapnes (Oslo/CERN) Challenges for detector upgrades at superLHC
15:45 PM 30 mins   Break
Session 4 - Roundtable: Maintaining Vibrant Accelerator Laboratories across the Globe
Moderator: Albrecht Wagner (DESY)
16:15 PM 5 mins Albrecht Wagner (DESY) Introduction
16:20 PM 25 mins Maury Tigner (Cornell) HEP accelerator R&D in the age of globalization
16:45 PM 25 mins Mathias Clausen (DESY) Global collaboration on accelerator operations and experiments
17:10 PM 20 mins Burton Richter (SLAC) HEP labs without HEP accelerators: is there a Plan B?
17:30 PM 15 mins John Womersley (STFC UK) Accelerator R&D in the UK
17:45 PM 20 mins   Discussion
Reception at Fogarty's Winery, beginning at 7:30pm (busses provided at 6:45)

October 30
Start Duration Speaker Title
Session1 - TeV-scale Lepton Colliders
Chair: Barry Barish (Caltech)
8:30 AM 40 mins Ewan Paterson (SLAC) ILC technical design, R&D plan and status
9:10 AM 35 mins Roberto Corsini (CERN) X-band high-gradient and CLIC R&D for future colliders
9:45 AM 30 mins Hitoshi Yamamoto (Tohoku) Detectors for a linear collider: concepts and R&D plans
10:15 AM 30 mins Tor Raubenheimer (SLAC) New physics scenarios and roadmap for future linear collider
10:45 AM 30 mins   Break
Session 2 - Very High Energy Future Colliders
Chair: Fumihiko Takasaki (KEK)
11:15 AM 30 mins Vladimir Shiltsev (FNAL) Neutrino factory and muon collider R&D
11:45 AM 20 mins Elena Wildner (CERN) Concepts and R&D for beta beam facilities
12:05 PM 30 mins Chan Joshi (UCLA) Issues for plasma wakefield and laser accelerator for future collider applications and R&D plans
12:35 PM 65 mins   Lunch
Session 3 - Frontiers of Data Exploitation
Chair: Sachio Komamiya (Tokyo)
13:40 PM 35 mins Andreas Bechtolsheim (SUN) The solid state storage revolution
14:15 PM 35 mins Miron Livny (Wisconsin) Some thoughts on HEP computing in the era of Grids and Clouds
14:50 PM 35 mins Dennis Gannon (Microsoft) The Computational Data Center: Building Science Clouds
15:30 PM 30 mins   Break
Session 4 - Light sources & other applications of accelerators
Chair: Steve Holmes (Fermilab)
16:00 PM 20 mins Albrecht Wagner (DESY) Development and plans for FLASH
16:20 PM 30 mins Leonid Rivkin (PSI/Lausanne) x-ray sources and accelerator technology: plans and R&D
16:50 PM 20 mins Paul Emma (SLAC) Commissioning status of the LCLS
17:10 PM 25 mins Hartmut Eickhoff (GSI) [video] Accelerators and instrumentation for medical applications
17:35 PM 25 mins Bob Hamm (R&M Technical Enterprises) Accelerators and instrumentation for industrial applications

October 31
Start Duration Speaker Title
Session1 - Dark Matter and Dark Energy
Chair: Ursula Bassler (CEA Saclay)
8:30 AM 40 mins Andreas Albrecht (UC Davis) Dark Energy: the problem, models and distinctions, and measurement of cosmological parameters
9:10 AM 40 mins Richard Gaitskell (Brown) Dark matter: experimental approaches and prospects for direct and indirect detection
9:50 AM 30 mins Daniel Tovey (Sheffield) Dark matter: direct detection, indirect detection, colliders and joint analysis
10:20 AM 30 mins   Break
Session 2 - UHE cosmic rays
Chair: Won Namkung (Pohang)
10:50 AM 35 mins Angela Olinto (Chicago) Ultra-high energy astroparticle physics
11:25 AM 20 mins Anders Borgland (SLAC) Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope: status and prospects
Session 3 - Outlook
Chair: Steve Kahn (SLAC)
11:45 PM 40 mins Atsuto Suzuki (KEK) Outlook: accelerator science
12:25 PM 40 mins Rolf Heuer (DESY/CERN) Outlook: enhancing world collaboration
13:05 PM 75 mins   Lunch
Afternoon - Site Tour
14:00 PM 120 mins   Linac gallery, LCLS, LCLS injector, ESB and ILC, SSRL, PEP-II and BABAR