ILC Interaction Region Engineering Design WorkshopSLAC


  • WG-A: Overall detector design, assembly, detector moving, shielding. Including detector design for on-surface assembly and underground assembly procedures. Beamline pacman shielding, detector shielding design. Conveners: Alain Herve (CERN), Tom Markiewicz (SLAC), Tomoyuki Sanuki (Tohoku Univ.), Yasuhiro Sugimoto (KEK)
  • WG-B: IR magnets design and cryogenics system design. Including cryogenic system design, connections, flexible cryo lines, safety issues. IR magnet engineering design, support, integration with IR, masks, Luminosity & Beam calorimeters, design of IR vacuum chamber, connection to elements, assembly-disassembly procedures, integration of near IR masks and overall integration of crab cavity. Conveners: Brett Parker (BNL), John Weisend (SLAC/NSF), Kiyosumi Tsuchiya (KEK)
  • WG-C: Conventional construction of IR hall and external systems. Including lifting equipment, IR electronics hut, cabling plant, services, shafts, service caverns, utilities, movable shielding; design solutions to meet alignment and vibration tolerances. Conveners: Vic Kuchler (FNAL), Atsushi Enomoto (KEK), John Osborne (CERN)
  • WG-D: Accelerator and particle physics requirements. Including masking, collimation, shielding requirements, image charges, wakes, external radiation, accelerator physics & optics design and constraints on IR engineering design, on alignment tolerances and stability for the IR components and IR hall floor. Conveners: Deepa Angal-Kalinin (STFC), Nikolai Mokhov (FNAL), Mike Sullivan (SLAC), Hitoshi Yamamoto (Tohoku Univ.)

Conveners for the working groups have been selected. The working groups started their preparatory meetings (individual or joint) from beginning of July. Schedule of the meetings is be posted here.

Charge to the conveners

  1. Form the working group, inviting colleagues to make sure that all needed expertise is represented.
  2. Before the workshop, conduct several phone meetings of your working group (or joint with other WGs), to discuss the issues, define specs, solutions, etc. Minutes must be posted promptly.
  3. Conveners (all or at least one) should attend the phone meetings of other working groups to be aware of other group work, to convey the specs and to hear the feedback.
  4. Suggest the schedule of corresponding plenary presentations and of the parallel sessions.
  5. Run the working group at the workshop.
Registration is necessary to participate in the workshop.
Registration fee is $30 and reception fee is $20. Registration closed
A hosted dinner will be on Wednesday, September 19, at 6:00 pm at Hunan Garden, 3345 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94306. Please email Naomi Nagahashi to let her know if you are attending the dinner.