U.S. Department of Energy Graphic: SSI 2017
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory


General Information

The SSI has a long tradition of a single question contest that challeges the wit of the participants. The contributions are collected by paper entries where you can write and draw. It is limited to a few paragraphs. Enter your entry in the pink question box outside the Kavli Auditorium before 6pm on Thursday Aug/24. Winner will be announced on Friday morning (Aug/25). Winnder and will receive a prize. Some introduction and a winning example can be seen from e.g. the 2012 SSI contest.  
SSI-2017 Contest Question

 The SSI-2017 contest question: What measurement or set of measurements would lead to the obvious failure of the Lambda_CDM model and what kind of theory would replace it ?

Place your answers (hand writing/drawing on paper) in the big pink box by 6pm Aug. 24th and a winner will be chosen during the last nights dinner (after dinner wine).. the winner gets a bottle of ...  on the last day.