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Monday, June 4, 2012
8:00AM Morning refreshments
8:15AM Registration opens
9:00AM Words of welcome Elliott D.Bloom ,Louis Lyons
9:15AM Model selection, estimation, and bootstrap smoothing Brad Efron
10:00AM Dogs, non-dogs and statistics: (Bayesian) searches in cosmology Roberto Trotta
10:45AM Coffee
Chairperson: Lockhart
11:15AM Recent developments and current challenges in statistics for particle physics Kyle Cranmer
12:00PM Inverse problems in X-ray scattering Stefano Marchesini
12:45PM Lunch
1:45PM Statistical issues in astrophysical searches for dark matter Jan Conrad
2:30PM The parametric bootstrap and particle physics Luc Demortier
3:15PM Two developments in tests for discovery: use of weighted Monte Carlo events and an improved measure Glen Cowan
3:45PM Coffee
Chairperson and Moderator: Bloom
4:15PM Brief introduction to Posters in Poster Session at 7pm
4:30PM Panel Session The Development and Use of Public Data Bases: It's Complicated! John Ioannidis, Jeff Scargle, Concetta Cartaro, David Skinner
6:00PM Finish day's lectures
7:00PM Poster Session Ishanu Chattopadhyay, Russell Fung, Loredo, Louis Lyons, Wolfgang Rolke
7:00PM Reception
June 4, 2012 Morning Audio
June 4,2012 Noon Audio
June 4,2012 Evening Audio
Tuesday, June 5, 2011
8:00AM Morning refreshments
9:00AM Effects of extraneous noise in Cryptotomography (reconstructions from random, unoriented tomograms) Duane Loh
9:25AM Singular value decomposition applied to femtosecond X-ray scattering from phonons in solids Mariano Trigo
9:50AM Machine Science: Distilling Natural Laws from Experimental Data, from nuclear physics to computational biology Hod Lipson
10:35AM Coffee
11:05AM Molecular structure from protein soup: assembling 3-D images of weakly scattering objects Anton Barty
11:50AM Confidence limits Philip Stark
12:35PM Lunch
1:45PM Practical Issues in Statistical Interpretation of Tevatron Data Tom Junk
2:30PM Trials 'factor' in 'bump' hunts Art Snyder
2:55PM Viewing of Transit of Venus (Ingress 3.06 to 3.23)
3:30PM Coffee break
4:15PM Some Discovery and Classification Challenges in the Exploration of Massive Data Sets and Data Streams George Djorgovski
5:00PM Tour of LCLS
7:00PM Dinner
8:15PM After Dinner talk: From the Big Bang to Big Data Roger Blandford
June 5, 2012 Audio
Wednesday, June 6, 2012
8:00AM Morning refreshments
9:00AM Rapid, Machine-Learned Resource Allocation: Application to High-redshift GRB Follow-up Morgan
9:25AM Detection of Transiting Planet Candidates in Kepler Mission Data Peter Tenenbaum
9:50AM Invited response, Photons Rebecca Willett
10:35AM Coffee
11:05AM Report on Madrid meeting on 'The Controversy about Hypothesis Testing' Wolfgang Rolke
11:40AM Challenges to Source Detection in High-Energy Astronomical Images Vinay Kashyap
12:05PM Biparametric adaptive filter: detection of compact sources in complex microwave backgrounds Marcos Lopez-Caniego
12:30PM Lunch
2:00PM Hubble Source Catalog Steve Lubow
2:25PM Looking Elsewhere and Looking Everywhere Victor Panaretos
3:10PM Invited response, Astro Rice
3:55PM Coffee
4:25PM Invited response, Particles Richard Lockhart
5:10PM Conference concludes
June 6, 2012 Morning Audio
June 6, 2012 Evening Audio