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Participant List

Total: 76 attendees

Full Name Institution Participant Type
afia, nadir craag Astrophysics/Cosmology
Akerlof, Carl University of Michigan Astrophysics/Cosmology
Albert, Andrea The Ohio State University Other
Allafort, Alice Kipac/SLAC Astrophysics/Cosmology
Applegate, Douglas KIPAC Astrophysics/Cosmology
Bartoldus, Rainer SLAC Particle Physics
Barty, Anton Center for Free Electron Laser Science Photon Science
Blandford, Roger KIPAC Astrophysics/Cosmology
Bloom, Elliott KIPAC-SLAC, Stanford University Astrophysics/Cosmology
Bogan, Mike PULSE, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Photon Science
Boutet, Sebastien SLAC Photon Science
Cartaro, Concetta SLAC Particle Physics
Chattopadhyay, Ishanu Cornell University
Chiang, James KIPAC/SLAC Astrophysics/Cosmology
Cholakian, A. Egon Harvard / Columbia Particle Physics
Conrad, Jan Oskar Klein Centre, Stockholm University Astrophysics/Cosmology
Cowan, Glen Royal Holloway, University of London Particle Physics
Cranmer, Kyle New York University Particle Physics
Demortier, Luc Rockefeller University Particle Physics
Detwiler, Jason LBNL Particle Physics
Djorgovski, S. George Caltech Astrophysics/Cosmology
Drlica-Wagner, Alex SLAC-KIPAC Astrophysics/Cosmology
Dwyer, Bo Stanford University Statistical
Efron, Bradley Stanford Statistical
Franckowiak, Anna SLAC Astrophysics/Cosmology
Fung, Russell University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Photon Science
Hart, Andrew Other
Heinrich, Joel University of Pennsylvania Particle Physics
Helou, George Caltech Astrophysics/Cosmology
Innes, Walter SLAC Astrophysics/Cosmology
Ioannidis, John Stanford University
Junk, Thomas Fermilab Particle Physics
Kashyap, Vinay Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Astrophysics/Cosmology
Kerr, Matthew Stanford University Astrophysics/Cosmology
Kriske, Richard University of Minnesota Photon Science
Lande, Joshua SLAC Astrophysics/Cosmology
Lipson, Hod Cornell University Statistical
Lockhart, Richard Simon Fraser University Statistical
Loh, Duane PULSE Institute, SLAC National Laboratory Photon Science
Long, Owen UC Riverside Particle Physics
Lopez-Caniego, Marcos IFCA (CSIC-Universidad de Cantabria) Astrophysics/Cosmology
Loredo, Thomas Cornell University Astrophysics/Cosmology
Lubow, Steve STScI Astrophysics/Cosmology
Lyons, Louis Imperial College and Oxford Particle Physics
Mantz, Adam University of Chicago/KICP Astrophysics/Cosmology
Marchesini, Stefano Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Photon Science
Masci, Frank Caltech Astrophysics/Cosmology
Mi, Wei Caltech Astrophysics/Cosmology
Miasnikov, Stan Project 1701A Photon Science
Min, Shandong University of California, Irvine Statistical
Morgan, Adam UC Berkeley Astronomy Astrophysics/Cosmology
orlando, elena HEPL/KIPAC Astrophysics/Cosmology
Ourmazd, Abbas University of Wisconsin Photon Science
Panaretos, Victor EPFL Statistical
Rice, John University of California, Berkeley Statistical
Riggs, Jamie University of Northern Colorado Statistical
Rojas, Alex Carnegie Mellon University- Qatar Statistical
Rolke, Wolfgang University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez Statistical
SCARGLE, JEFFREY NASA-ARC Astrophysics/Cosmology
Shastri, Prajval KIPAC Astrophysics/Cosmology
Silverstein, Daniel SLAC Stanford Particle Physics
Skinner, David LBL Other
Snyder, Arthur SLAC Particle Physics
Stark, Philip University of California, Berkeley Statistical
Tenenbaum, Peter SETI Institute Astrophysics/Cosmology
Trigo, Mariano SLAC Photon Science
Trotta, Roberto Imperial College London Astrophysics/Cosmology
van Dyk, David Imperial College London Statistical
Vartaniants, Ivan DESY Photon Science
Wang, Meng University of California, San Diego Statistical
Whitehead, Mark National Radio Astronomy Observatory Other
Willett, Rebecca Duke University Photon Science
Wood, Matthew SLAC Astrophysics/Cosmology
Yellin, Steven Stanford Particle Physics
Zhang, Anzhen Caltech Astrophysics/Cosmology